Wednesday, April 13, 2016

The most popular club on Gulf Street

 Here’s a riddle for you guys, where in Kuwait can you find guys hanging out outside, doing absolutely nothing, never ordering anything to eat, smoking 95% of the time, showing off their fast cars and flashy watches, showered in cologne and misguided confidence, oozing out entitlement, being loud and rowdy? The answer my loves is not the club, it’s the 24/7 McDonald's on gulf street.

 The atmosphere is very club like which is pretty comical considering it’s fully equipped with a playground and a play area indoors. I haven’t quite figured out why it’s always filled with young bachelors. Maybe it’s the low standard of coffee or perhaps the beach? The view is stunning I have to admit, I’m not sure there’s a MickeyD’s out there that can compare. Which is why regardless of the crowd I still enjoy heading out there with the chicks, leaving the kids in the play area and heading towards the McCafe to soak up the view, chat, read the paper, take pics and make my friends in the states uber jealous :)


 It reminds me a lot of when I and my mom friends would all meet up at Target at bizarre hours of the days to just hang (I know I’m not the only one guilty of Target playing a crucial role in my social life lol) but where is there a Target with this million dollar view? My dreams, that’s where.

So when life gets you down and kicks sand in your face and you really need to relax, head to the McDonald's on Gulf Street, past the fraternity of muscleheads and head upstairs. Order a cup of coffee, swallow it down, the view will make up for it….I’m talking about the beach of course ;)